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SJR Engineering, Inc. is a Civil & Site Engineering firm located in Monmouth, Maine, offering services including engineering design, drafting, construction administration and site inspection. As a general guideline, SJR Engineering can provide all civil and site engineering design work that would be required for construction quality plans to meet all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

SJR Engineering, Inc. is owned and operated by Stephen J. Roberge, P.E. The firm has been operated part time since June of 1988 and full time since June of 1990. A resume of his professional experience can be found in the company profile section of the website. As the owner and sole employee of SJR Engineering, clients can rest assured that their design consultant budget will be utilized on high quality, professional resources.

Projects range in location from Southern New Hampshire to Stockton Springs along the coast and inland from Springvale to Unity and Howland. While SJR Engineering can offer project civil design & management for large multimillion dollar projects, the firm specializes in the development of civil & site engineering projects of much smaller size. Typically, clients utilizing SJR Engineering services realize significant savings in design expenses and more input in the design process, resulting in a project that satisfies technical constraints and client wishes without the sacrifice of professional quality or time efficiency to the project. This results in a project that can be aesthetically pleasing and rewarding to the owner and abutting property owners at a reasonable cost.

SJR Engineering, Inc. work history reveals an ability to act as an experienced project team player. The company has directed engineering planning, design, drafting, site layout, and surveying projects in both lead design and consultant levels. SJR Engineering has a mix of skills in land use planning, engineering, field engineering and construction inspection. These experiences have led to the development of a network of a broad range of local professionals who are considered experts in the fields they practice. This network of professionals can be leveraged as necessary for quick turnaround on projects, depending on job location and study needs.

SJR Engineering availability and workload is directly related to the construction season. Much planning and design is performed during the Winter months for large projects. The Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons are a combination of project design, permit approvals, and construction inspection for approximately 50 projects annually. The projects and clients range from private individuals, commercial expansions, to State of Maine site design and construction administration & inspection projects.